Providing software design and implementation to the business community since 1987. 

Experience: that translation to practical experience in various aspects of application programming and design; focusing on custom user interface and application control software. 

Key Benefits

A thorough understanding of the design and development process.

Been there, done that.  From low level board diagnostics to advanced process control, the benefit of the experience, the successes (and the failures). Using the "Fail Forward Fast" method of feedback; the idea that when you see that something isn't working, you change it, but you don't freeze from inaction.

Flexible contractual arrangements.



Specification and design of systems, based upon iterative review with the customer/user, then refined and developed as required.    


Development of rapid prototyping in Visual Basic for both "look and feel" and for quick turnaround of systems.  


Documentation of finished systems, whether it is a programmer's reference, a technical manual, or a end-user introduction; clear prose and organization can be part of your solution.

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