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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Over 20 years of practical experience in various aspects of software development, as a [Senior] Software Engineer and Developer, Team Lead. This experience ranges from design of Windows user interfaces and specification of API protocol for Internet hosted games… to development to real-time application control software.


CurrentTechnologies/Languages: MS Developer Studio (Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, ASP, JavaScript, C/C++), Java, Win32 API, COM,ADO, LDAP, Access, SQL
Applications/Tools: Project, Visual SourceSafe (admin), InstallShield (5..X)
Server Side: MS Exchange 5.5/2000, DMS, IIS
Legacy: Pascal, PL/M-86, PL/1, BASIC, APL, FORTRAN, ASM86, ASM(Z80), MASM(Digital) , MASM(Data General), Data General Eclipse INFOS database
Operating Systems: WINDOWS (XP, 2000, NT, 98…), MSDOS, CPM, UNIX, AOS, VRTX


Completed development and brought to production three Diabetes Glucose Management software packages, using legacy VB6, Access and Installshield. One of these clinical shrink-wrap software packages has been localized into seven different European languages; (at Medtronic Minimed). This software is required for sales in Europe and North America.
Created utility software and consulted on firmware for a -VGA display Point of Sale system, using ARM and other processors in a C and Visual Basic environment. (Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc).
Developed a real-time alarm and access control interface and display in Windows.

Wrote web server based address lookup for a secure messaging system, primarily LDAP/ADS queries to a DoD database (Telos).
Developed Address Synchronization for DoD MS Exchange 5.5 (Northrop Grumman,).

Designed Process scheduling and delivery software, localized into French and German and used throughout Europe and the United States (Excellon Automation).



February 1986 - Present

0efbH Consulting (Chatsworth, CA)
Consulting Software Engineer

Selected Clients:



August 2000 - August 2002 

Northrop-Grumman/CMS (Woodland Hills, CA)
Senior Software Engineer  * Developed software used to synchronize address information in DoD MS Exchange sites.

November 1996 – October 1999 

Excellon Automation (Torrance, CA)
Software Engineer  * Developed software to control automation machinery for scheduling and routing of work in progress; supported the US and European sites.

February 1995 - September 1996 

ENGAGE Games Online/Interplay Productions (Irvine, CA)
Windows Software Engineer     * Authored part of the specifications and software for an online communications protocol used between Windows game clients and Unix game servers.

August 1991 - June 1992 

Automated Inspection Technologies, Inc. (Simi Valley, CA)
Production Development Engineer  * Developed and supported software for real-time control of automated equipment.

August 1987 – July 1991 

Cardkey Systems, Inc. (Simi Valley, CA)
Senior Software Engineer  * Developed Windows graphic and real time alarm and access control information applications.

August 1982 - February 1986 

Terminal Data Corporation (Woodland Hills, CA)
Programmer  * Developed real-time control software for OEM customers.

October 1981 - August 1982 

Execu-Data (Canoga Park, CA)

November 1979 - October 1981 

M.B.A. Systems, Ltd. (Valencia, CA) 


Los Angeles Pierce College  Degree: Associate of Science Computer Technology
University of California-San Diego (Revelle) Major: Computer Science

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