My recent contracts (and references) include software and IT consulting for:


1. Ross S. Kaplan, M.D. Inc. (since 2003 as needed, with retainer) a Dermatologist's office in Camarillo, CA (10 person office, SBS 2003 server) where I am responsible for management of all Information Technology (IT) resources.

      * Specification and installation of new equipment (Application servers, SQL servers)

      * Maintenance and supervision of all existing infrastructure

2. MMS Government Systems (since 2001 as needed) a government bidding (supplier) contractor in Van Nuys, CA (3 person office, SBS 2003 server)

      * Installation and maintenance of all existing IT equipment.

      * Advisement on contracts related to IT work.


3. (thru Aerotek as W2) Midmark Diagnostics, Gardena California (2010) an OEM manufacturer of medical equipment for hospitals and clinics.

      * Provided Installshield scripts for new release

      * Documented changes in testing of product.

4. Medtronic Minimed in Northridge, CA (2003-2004,2006-2007) an OEM manufacturer of diabetes monitoring and clinical treatment equipment (and software)

      * Completion of 3 separate software projects providing shrink wrap software for FDA regulated Medical Devices.

      * Documentation of said projects for developers, and creation of "known" configuration workstations for development.

5. ITT Electronics in Van Nuys, CA (2000,2004,2007-2008) an OEM manufacturer of point-of-sale displays.

      * Creation and maintenance of sample programming for OEM POS devices.

      * Design and implementation of firmware software product incorporated into these devices, in a team member (not principal) role.

6. Sitestream/PublicHost/Vitalstream (defunct, now part of Internap) in Irvine CA datacenter build-outs and moves.  (Helped move datacenter)

7. MassMedia in Moorpark, CA (relocation of small 2rack datacenter and phonesystem).

8. ValueGreen in Valencia, CA (prewire and termination of a 9 drop office network, plus installation and setup of new office computers).


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